Hits of Happiness…Crest Whitestrips

  • "All the models I used to work with use them."

“All the models I used to work with use them.”

They make you look more attractive, employable and, apparently, wealthy. An Oral B study revealed having white teeth can make you look five years younger, and increase your attractiveness by 20%.

There’s lots of ways to whiten your teeth. I think I’ve tried them all, and the easiest (and cheapest) by far is Crest Whitestrips. I beg friends to bring them back from the U.S. You can get them here in the UK £26.95.Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestripscrestwhitening.co.uk US$34.70 SHOP NOW

They work.

Peel off the transparent strips and stick them to the teeth. Wear for thirty minutes. Do this three or four times within a few weeks, and voila – a gleaming smile. All the models I used to work with use them.

Then pre-big event don’t dismiss a simple but effective clean and polish at the dentist. It’s transformative.

My favourite place to visit is the super swanky American Smile in London’s Chelsea (think white light rooms and a spa like vibe), but the truth is you don’t need to pay mega bucks. Ask your local hygienist to do a through clean and go large on the polish.


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