7 game-changing beauty treatments Rosie Green is booking now

An enforced beauty detox gave Red’s columnist clarity on the treatments that offer the best return on investment

How is your lockdown face? Despite eight hours sleep a night, zero take-aways and reduced stress, mine is looking a bit less glowy and a bit more wrinkly. I’ve got feet that look like they belong to a mountain goat. And let’s not even talk about how my hair resembles tumbleweed. BUT after twenty years in the beauty industry I know what I need to get back to pre-isolation glory. And my finger is poised on speed dial to get myself first on the waiting list for these guaranteed gloss and glow givers.


1.Prettifying Lash Lift And Tint
For return on investment, a brow tint and shape has to be #1. At all but the most chi-chi places it’ll cost sub £20, and leave you feeling instantly prettier and more polished. Granted on day one you can look a little like you’ve been Sharpied, but for the next month or so you will be looking like you, but 20% better.

I like to combine it with my second favourite treatment – a lash lift and tint. Get your lashes tinted and you look five years younger – instantly. Get them permed and you look like you were blessed with the kind of peepers only Disney fawns have.

2.Glow Injections
The best treatments are the kind that you think are great straight afterwards, then are so natural you slowly convince you just look this way because you’ve been getting more sleep/vitamins etc. And so it is with Profhilo.

Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser. It’s not thick like traditional fillers, and it doesn’t change the shape of your face. Instead it uses hyaluronic acid liquid, which is injected under the superficial layer of skin and spreads freely. It stimulates collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin. Think of it as a deep down hydration with no volume. The jury is out on how long it lasts, so caveat, it is pretty pricey for a subtle effect. Expect pin pricks of pain and to look like you’ve been stung repeatedly by a bee for a few hours afterwards. Oh and to have glowy, juicy skin.

3.Depuffing Hair Treatment
Puffy: good when it comes to choux buns, but not so good when it comes to your hair. Brazilian blow dries have been around a decade or so, but in the early years they made hair flat and they used formaldehyde – an ingredient that comes with health concerns for the stylist.
Now there are new treatments which don’t debounce in the same way, and don’t include the controversial ingredient. I can’t live without them. I like the Gold-i-locks treatment at Neville. For the first few days your hair is bit Ozzy Osbourne (but nowhere near the Neil from Young Ones), but it brilliantly turns straw to silk for a good three or four months.

4.The Smile Brightener
A trip to the hygienist might not be your dream beauty treatment, but there is nothing as as feel good as a sparkling set of pearly whites. Forget sheep placenta facials or swaddled-in-mud-and-clingfilm body wraps, getting your teeth cleaned is an instant pick me up for your looks.

For a super charged version I love visiting Anna Middleton aka The London Hygienist. She uses a special machine which combines air, powder and water to power wash my teeth. No scraper or metal pick needed. Painless and super effective. Say cheese.

5.Confidence Boosting Cut and Colour
The one we’ve missed most of all right? My hair may not be the most urgent case out there, but I miss the buzz of the salon, the feel good effect of a bouncy blow dry, and the chat. Yes, it’s about covering the greys and getting some face framing layers, but it’s about time spent away from the domestic drudge, talking to someone about how you want to look. And them being interested. It’s about emerging looking 50% better than when you went in and feeling a boost of confidence.

My mother’s generation was always scared of the hairdresser, but I have found my happy place at John Frieda. My stylist Kiki is a genius at flattering cuts and and Phillipa Lock naturally covers greys and creates Gisele-like golden streaks that grow out naturally.

6.A Muscle Melting Massage
Massages delivers so much more than de-knotting. They are circulation boosting, mood improving and stress reducing. Combine this with the anxiety lowering powers of CBD and it’s the equivalent of a weekend away.

I love the Kloris Stress Melting Ritual at Bulgaria Hotel in London – a 90-minute treatment that uses high strength CBD balm, hot stones and aromatherapy oils to melt away tension, reduce pain and soothe mind and body. But if that’s out of your budget a simple aromatherapy massage at your local spa/salon will make you walk taller and your mood brighter.

7.A Medi Pedi
There’s something so satisfying about having your feet overhauled by a pro. It’s a truly transformative treatment right? And you can never get the same degree of precision at home.

My hooves now need urgent attention so I’m booking a medi pedi. Medi pedis go beyond a scrub, massage and paint and tackles foot woes like hard skin, corns, calluses, athlete’s foot and cracked heels. I get mine at Margaret Dabbs where they are performed by a qualified podiatrist.

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