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I grew up in a Jewish family. If a friend has gone through something terrible or traumatic, I cook or order something healthy and drop it off with a note. It’s a lot more useful than another load of pot pourri…

Drink water

You need to get your water in, otherwise you get into a funk-like depression. Besides the beauty benefits, numerous studies have proven your brain doesn’t function properly without it.

Make good food choices

Tell me how you feel after chips and cookies? Food has a lot to do with how you feel.  I’m not about loading more pressure on, but when you can say to yourself I’m tired of feeling crappy, then you can take the opportunity to change your habits. If you can do that it only adds to the positivity.

Avoid bad carbs

I believe in carbs.  I like wholegrain and breads from your local bakery.  But junky carbs, made from refined white flour, they make me feel awful.

Ditch added sugar

The more you eat it, the more you want it. I like to compare it to an ex-boyfriend. The best way to move on is to never see him again. Look at nutrition labels, skip down to the ‘total sugar’ column. Right under ‘total sugar’ is ‘added sugar.’ You want that number to be 0, or as close to 0 as possible.

Try bone broth

If you feel you can’t eat anything, then try this. Just sip on it. It has protein, it has collagen, it’s full of goodness. It’s a no brainer.

When food is hard to stomach, try this Smoothie recipe. It’s packed full of nourishment.

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