Four expert-approved treatments for effortless beauty on holiday

Effortless: that’s how we want to look on holiday; like we’ve just rolled out of the surf with beach waves and sunkissed skin.

But sand, sea and sun can be less than kind to those of us not genetically blessed with the appearance of a supermodel.

With pale skin and misbehaving hair, I am not a natural born beach babe. But in my many years of working in the beauty industry, I’ve discovered some cheats.

Here are the four treatments I swear by…

1. Faux tan 2.0.

Creosote tans are the beauty equivalent of an umbrella in your cocktail: naff. I’d given up on spray tans, with my hammy colouring never resulting in a natural-looking shade, until I was introduced to Amanda Harrington, tanner to the stars (the Delevignes and Sienna Miller among them).

She has sourced a product that works with your own skin tone and she brushes, rather than sprays, her formula on for extra flawlessness. This means the tan artist can also play with slightly lighter and darker tones to skim and sculpt faces and bodies. The results are incredible; like a real life Instagram filter.

Amanda costs from £250, and her Pro Tanners start at £100 for a 45-minute treatment. Book through or buy her at home kit from, and from Harvey Nichols UK wide.

Lots of us have discovered the prettifying power of faux lashes. Sadly we’ve also discovered that splashing in the pool and slathering on sun lotion can make them go wonky. The solution? A lash tint and perm. What does it involve? First your eyes are cleansed of make-up, then curved pads are placed above your lashes. A tint is brushed onto your lashes, followed by a perm solution. What does it do? The lashes are darkened by the tint and curled upwards by the ‘perm’ – which has the effect of making lashes look thicker and longer. No need to pack mascara.

Lash lift from £63 and tint from £20 at

3. Bikini lasering

It’s not new, but laser hair removal remains a game changer. Machines are improving all the time and because of the technology’s ubiquity, prices keep coming down, and most clinics offer package deals. The treatment leaves no bumps, rashes or ingrown hairs. And once zapped you generally only need a yearly top up session for maintenance. Painful but worth it.

Costs from £120 for a single treatment at Six are recommended, priced at £628.

Tattooed on eyeliner – sounds scary but it makes sense. A smudge of black eyeliner is my daily ritual for a shot of youthful prettiness, but on holiday it can smudge. Hence why I booked in to have it permanently inked on. Who with? Suzanne Martin at The Lanesborough. What happens? A small needle is used to dot pigment within the lash line itself. Suzanne uses numbing cream so it doesn’t feel painful, just weird. It takes an hour and half, and is life changing.

The Eyelash Enhancer treatment is £1,400 including top up, at

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