Hits of Happiness… SkinCeuticals Brightening SPF

It’s not as sexy as a serum, or as gratifying as a procedure or as immediate as make-up, but we all know SPF is THE surefire way to ward off lines, pigmentation, sagging and many other (depressing) ageing related adjectives.

It’s so simple. Yet we don’t do it. Why? Well because most SPFs feel grim. Sticky, suffocating, greasy.

So we ‘forget,’ or convince ourselves our tinted moisturiser with SPF will do it (it won’t – if a product’s primary purpose isn’t sun protection it adheres to less strict standards).

I’ve tried hundreds of SPFs and I always return to this one. It’s a chemical sunscreen (absorbing the UV rays) rather than a physical (which deflect the UV rays on the surface). This one sinks in quickly, feels moisturising (I often don’t need to apply a separate one) and works well under make-up. And there’s zero ghost face.

It’s not the most exciting product I own – but it’s the most crucial one.



Buy SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 30ml

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