Inspired by you I joined hinge

My friend bought us tickets to hear you talk at the Red magazine seminar at the beginning of November. She did so not only because she reads and loves your columns, but because I’ve been through an almost identical situation to you. I did manage a quick chat with you after – so thank you.

Listening to you was like listening to myself – I’m just 3 months behind you. But thank you for being so honest – but with humour – I’ve found humour has been an amazing tool over the past 9 months! Also for you honesty in your writing too, it really is such a comfort to know you’re not the only once facing these new challenges.

Inspired by you I joined hinge after your talk and am having some lovely dates and having to relearn how to make an effort whilst working full time and raising two kids – haha!!!

Keep smiling.

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I saw a great quote today: ‘I’m grateful that things didn’t turn out as I once wanted them to’

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