The physical symptoms of heartbreak are all encompassing.

Just from reading your article in the Daily Mail about your separation, I feel like I know you.

My then Husband of 27 years walked out on me and my Adult Daughters.

He told them first of his affair and I found out on my return from work. The night before he cooked for us and no inkling of betrayal.

I liken it to a tsunami as it engulfed not just the three of us but involved all our family and friends.

I cried every night for two months and the physical symptoms of heartbreak are all encompassing.

The Man turned from a family, upstanding member of my life to a cold, calculating human who changed so irrevecubally.

I don’t know him anymore and nor do his family.

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It is a bereavement and that is a minimum of two years to grieve so I am not there yet!

It is humbling that you chose to tell everyone as ‘It was’. That is why I had to get in touch with you. There is a fantastic book called Abandoned Wives which I read over and over again. It is good to hear other Women’s stories of Men just leaving their home without a care in the world.

You have joined the club now and I wish you continued strength and positive thoughts.

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