There is ALWAYS light

Rosie, I NEVER write to folks on insta. So forgive this randomness. I do occasionally have ‘we would totally be friends moments’ when I’ve read your column over the years. But at 43 I’m far too old to fan girl. Anyway. 3 years ago my husband (who was my world and I had built my world around him) let slip that he was, and had been, in a relationship with my best friend (and birth partner and my daughters godmother). I say this not to elicit sympathy.

In those 3 years I went back to work full time, I went from being on the edge of making myself homeless (I’m an oxford grad, this was NEVER where I was meant to be), to clawing my way back up, promotion by promotion. My daughter and I are now settled in a house we love, I completed a half Ironman two weeks ago, and life is, excuse the pun, Rosie. I say this because the tunnel feels bleak but there is ALWAYS light. And if you’d told me three years ago my life would have been 1000x better without my marriage I would have scoffed …

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