He is so cold and heartless

Hi lovely Rosie

I have bought your book. I am so broken.

I feel I am dying and don’t know how to carry on. My husband confessed to an affair last November and my story is so similar to yours. He had been seeing our friend for 7-8 months. Even after he told me he was cheating he carried on for months whilst watching me break.

He has taken everything from me

I didn’t know until the end who it actually was because he said that once I found out there would be no going back. He is so cold and heartless. He has taken everything from me. I feel my life is over and I only exist for my beautiful children. I am drowning. I feel everyone is talking about us as it’s a small area.

I can’t cope. I’m on anti depressants because of him. We tried counselling – he lasted 3 sessions and said it was all about me. Wtf! Of course it was about me, I was the one who got crippled! He says he is going leave in February. Our kids – how will they cope Rosie. How???? How do I share them?

I feel desperate and I’m in the depths of despair. I can’t pull myself out from it. I seem to be the only one hurting.

I ache beyond belief

I sob everyday in the ensuite shower, spend my days off with my mother.

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Rosie, I don’t know how to carry on. I’m 43. Like you not had many boyfriends before this. I wake up feeling I’ve been punched in the tummy and have a lump in my throat. I’ve watched all the things about you on YouTube and read every thing on Google- then I send it all to my mum so she can get stronger in supporting me!

Rosie, I thought we were happy. I am a great mother, my kids have it all including the most important thing LOVE. My kids are so well looked after, excelling at school, lots of friends and a good family. I have a good, well paid career. I never so much as looked at another man. He fooled my parents too! My parents loved him and the day we got married my lovely dad said “I don’t feel I have lost a daughter, I have gained a son.” My mum said he fooled us all. Rosie I ache beyond belief and I have even googled “Can you die from a broken heart”.

I’m such a good person, I never hurt anyone, I work hard and my house is immaculate, I was a confident and bubbly person. I’m a shadow of myself now! Rosie I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. Obviously I wasn’t enough but the KIDS! Why couldn’t he stop for them??? Now they are going to have a life without their dad!

I can’t cope xx

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