Lockdown has given one man a change of heart


I hope you are keeping well in these weird times! I love seeing your posts. My husband left me out the blue for someone else just before New Year, he had no criticism of me or our relationship, just that he’d fallen for someone else.

My heart craves for my happy family life back

He’s never at any point wanted to come home, but 3 1/2 weeks in to self isolation and him moving out from his parents and having to cope with the kids on his own in a little flat, he’s suddenly extremely depressed, tearful, regretful, wants his family and home back, and is coming to me for support and solutions.

The guilt and confusion is overwhelming. I know I deserve better than this, and that self isolation is the only factor influencing his feelings right now, but my maternal instinct to give my children what they desperately want, which is to have both parents back together, feels huge.

Do you or any of your contributors have any advice for keeping strong during these unprecedented times?

Taking away the children’s feelings I don’t think I will ever not feel like he will do this again. It’s impossible to take the children out of the equation though isn’t it, because it becomes a hypothetical answer when you do…the reality is that any decision I make will be based around their life long happiness.

I have told him that his feelings right now are not born from normal life but from this warped lonely groundhog day reality we are currently living.  I can’t rock the boat (which has only very recently settled) for the children, or myself, until he can prove his feelings are genuine.

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My  head says that it is the house, garden and creature comforts he is missing because of self isolation, but not me.

But my heart craves for my happy family life back.

Thanks xx

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