My daughter found messages from a prostitute…

I opened my husband’s secret bank account statement to find that he’d got money tucked away and had paid for a hotel in London when he should have been in Cannes. I phoned him and he told me he’d met someone. I lay in bed tears streaming down my face. Our teen was asleep with Covid.

I forgave him, then my teenager found messages yesterday on the family Mac between him and a prostitute.

He initially told me he’d had a short lived affair (hotel room once) and I forgave him because I’d not slept with him for an incredibly long time (difficult relationship). We had a two month love affair and it was a reborn marriage. Then a week after returning from a blissful weekend away (just the two of us) my daughter found messages from him to the prostitute who in reality was the person he’s been seeing. He was setting up an appointment with her for Friday. He’s now told me that he’s been seeing prostitutes for 13 years. He says he will change, but I know he is a broken person. I don’t know how to put one foot forward.

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