Announcing my new podcast channel series: Life’s Rosie How to Heal a Broken Heart

Big news this week is I am have launched a podcast series! Life’s Rosie How To Heal A Broken Heart.

In the first series I talk to well know split survivors, from Vanessa Feltz to Andrea McLean, about how they navigated their break ups. The conversations are a compelling mix of vulnerability, honesty and hope. They include inspirational strategies, laugh out loud funny moments and a whole blanket load of comfort. Listen to them here

The first one is with comedian Helen Thorn and we cover everything from how she found out about her husband’s affair (a love letter in his jacket) to why she’s been inundated with date requests from younger guys. (‘Its a nice match of energy. And to have a young man tell me ‘you are sexy’ or ‘I love your tits’ – I’m here for that all day Rosie.’)

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