My partner went to work in January and literally never came home.

“Hi, I am currently reading your book and felt the need to message you. I discovered your book last night and have literally not put it down other than work since. The chapter on anger has massively helped me. My partner worked away and went to work in January of this year and literally just never came home. I never got any kind of explanation, he never returned to our home for his things, his car or any other aspect of life.

The last time I saw him was last January when we were crying at the airport saying we couldn’t wait to be reunited.

Obviously something has changed or happened, but I never got any sort of incline as to what. I have been in counselling since about September to try to come to terms with the fact that clearly he is never coming home. My counsellor expressed concern over my lack of anger but your chapter is hugely reassuring to me that not everyone is angry in these situations. I have always put my lack of anger down to just being at my emotional capacity with sadness.”

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