This is what he chose! Why does he get to feel angry?!

I was just on a 2 hour drive when I came across your book and played it through audible. 

I am only half way through and couldn’t wait until the end to contact you.

Twelve months ago my husband left me. I have every reason to suspect that this was for my best friend (who was also bridesmaid at our wedding, and his PA – I hooked her up with the job!).

He of course denies this and for 3 years before leaving he called me paranoid, jealous and irrational.

I find it hard to trust any instinct I have now. We have two young children. That friend has since completely cut me off, and is now hanging with him on the weekends with my children.

Your book has spoken to me like no other.

Yes, like why the fuck does he look at me now with distain?!?

This is what he chose! Why does he get to feel angry?! Years of trying to please him to keep him, and I have been robbed of all validation of my own feelings.

Your descriptions hit my very core and I spontaneously burst into sobs listening to the book. I knew others went through heartbreak – but surely not as raw and physically painful as mine? I need to keep reading.

I need to know it’s all going to be ok. That there will be a happy ending for me.

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My business is going from strength to strength, I have just purchased a new house (on my own!) and my kids are happy. People have stopped asking if “I am ok”. But I’m not. Continual guttural screams still reverberate through my body.

You are doing wonders for so many women.

With appreciation,


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